Posted by: Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. | 26 June 2016

Our Gluttonous Spending

The U.S. Treasury reports that the nation’s current total public debt outstanding is

Let me put that into perspective for you.

  • That’s 106% of our entire annual GDP.
  • If you spent $1000 every second, it would take you 610 years 3 months to spend the amount of our national debt.
  • Imagine 10⅔ American football fields (including end zones) laid out next to each other. You’d have to cover that entire area with one dollar bills and stack them to the height of Empire State Building in order to total the national debt.

If the Treasury Department is correct in its prediction of what the national debt will be next January on inauguration day, here’s how much the debt will have risen during the terms of the last three Presidents:

  Clinton:  $1.5 trillion increase
  Bush:  $4.9 trillion increase
  Obama:  $9.4 trillion increase

The U.S. Census says the nation’s population is 323 million. Divide the U.S. Debt by that number, and the current Debt can be thought of as $50,206 for every man, woman, and child.
When can we expect your check?

The national debt could likely destroy this country more surely (and perhaps more quickly) than ISIS, men in women’s bathrooms, rogue police shootings, gang bangers, illegal/undocumented aliens, all the NRA guns, and bad comb-overs or Armani pantsuits COMBINED.

So name me one candidate, running for ANY office, from ANY Party, who has issued a serious, comprehensive, feasible, non-self-destructive, reality-based plan for reducing the National Debt. I’d be on that bandwagon in a flash!

Wake up, America!


US National Debt, June 2016The black line on the graph above maps 5,893 day-by-day data points, showing the movement of the U.S. National Debt from January 1993 until now. The green line maps the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At present, our National Debt exceeds GDP by 6%, and is widening the gap. The blue and red lines at the bottom of the graph show the years that Democrats and Republicans were [P] in the White House, [S] a majority in the Senate, and [H] a majority in the House of Representatives.



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