Posted by: Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. | 24 June 2016

What Is Your Favorite Hot Dog Chili Brand?

What is your favorite hot dog chili brand? Please take the 10 seconds necessary to tell me your preference for this all-American food.

In this petite (one-question!) study, please consider only those brands which:

  1. are available in grocery stores or grocery online sites (canned or frozen);
  2. do not contain beans; and
  3. one could use to make chili dogs (even if the package doesn’t say so).

The survey provides a list to choose from. I would prefer you to give one single answer as your favorite. However, if there are two that you just can’t decide between, you may enter both. And if your favorite isn’t in the list, there’s a choice for “Other” so that you may write it in. Your vote will be counted

There are also selections that say “I do not have a favorite” and “I do not eat chili dogs.” Even if you use someone’s (your?) homemade hot dog chili, might you have an opinion about the best commercial brands?

Also, I’d love it if you’d use the Comments section to tell me why this is your favorite. (Look WAY down at the bottom, where it says “Leave a Reply / Enter your comment here.”) Remember though: I will not know which brand you voted for. So if you give me reasons why your favorite brand is best, tell me which one you’re talking about! 🙂

The only benefit I’m getting for doing this is your help in finding the very best hot dog chili on the market for my own enjoyment. The survey is totally anonymous, and I promise you, no one is trying to sell you anything!

Thanks for participating! The poll will be active through JULY 1. I’ll report the results here after July 4.

Chili Dog

If you know anyone who is a chili dog lover,
please feel free to send them the link to this page so they can vote!



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  2. Because it’s good. Taste like the perfect hotdog chili.

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