Posted by: Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. | 7 March 2013

Jeanne & Left Brain

Jeanne-and-LeftBrainI absolutely adore Jeanne Robertson, a former Miss North Carolina and the state’s unofficial Comedienne Laureate, famous for her clean, original, reality-based humor.

And though I have never met him, I am keenly fond of, and sympathetic toward, “Left Brain” also! (Left Brain is her affectionate name for her husband, Jerry Robertson. The photo at left shows them both.)

I have laughed until my sides hurt at her regional-yet-universal, folksy, keenly observant, hilarious observations on life as she experiences it.

Those of you who grew up in the Tar Heel state probably already know and love Jeanne, but at the very least you’ll recognize people you know in all of her characters. For those not fortunate enough to be North Carolinians, you’ll be won over by her earnest endeavor to have us see the simultaneous folly and wisdom that surround us daily here (and everywhere).

Here is Jeanne’s classic caveat against sending a man with too many degrees to the store. Enjoy!

I’ll recommend a few other of her best bits, as immortalized on Youtube:

Here are excerpts from an homage “theme song” written for her by one of Jeanne’s “bestest friends, Harold Payne”:

She’s ’bout six-feet-two,
She’s five-feet-fourteen.
She’s not just a former Miss North Carolina
She’s still a beauty queen!

She’s gone viral on Youtube and satellite radio,
You’ll hear her Southern drawl just about everywhere you go
She’s a charmer, she’s a disarmer, she’s a lady
But just don’t ask her to bring her ukulele!

She’s not a teller of tall tales
It’s the simple truth she brings
She makes extraordinary observations
About ordinary things!

So when you seek to make your next speaking break-through,
Simply ask yourself, “What would Jeannie do?”

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